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DeWitt Law Radio ShowTune into the DeWitt Law Review every Sunday at 10am on Central Florida's FM 96.5 WDBO to learn how Florida’s legal issues affect you. Sherri DeWitt reviews the latest legal topics affecting the citizens of Central Florida and takes your calls. To ask Sherri a question, send her an email.Recent discussions on the radio show include condominium law, contractual rights and child support cases. You can visit the DeWitt Law Facebook page for live show notifications and to interact with the radio show. Archived audio of these shows can be found below. Simply click the play button and the program will start immediately. If you'd like to suggest a topic for a future show or ask Sherri DeWitt a legal question, follow the email link above. Thanks for listening to DeWitt Law Review on FM 96.5 WDBO!

Deficiency Judgement Defense: Overview of Various Dyck O’Neal Cases


This week’s topic: Sherri DeWitt speaks about various Dyck O’Neal cases and provides an overview of the deficiency judgement defense. Share This Article:

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    House Bill 967: The Collaborative Law Process Act

    aggressive orlando divorce attorney family law florida

    This week’s topic: Sherri DeWitt discusses the new collaborative divorce statute, House Bill 967 – The Collaborative Divorce Statute. The statute went into effect on July 1, 2016 and is now a sanctioned way, pursuant to Florida Statutes, of handling a divorce should you choose to do so. Share This Article:

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      Updates: Dyck O’Neal & Defective Notice in Deficiency Lawsuits


      DeWitt Law Review is live every Sunday at 10am on WDBO 96.5FM. This week’s topic: Sherri DeWitt reviews updates int he Dyck O’Neal series of cases. Share This Article:

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        Two Local Cases: Foreclosure & Modification of Divorce Action

        aggressive orlando attorney divorce lawyer family law

        DeWitt Law Review is live every Sunday at 10am on WDBO 96.5FM. This week’s topic: Sherri DeWitt first reviews two local state court cases. The first case is a foreclosure case out of Volusia County that is currently in the 5th District Court of Appeals. The second case is a modification of a divorce action […]

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          The Collaborative Divorce Process Act

          DeWitt Law Review is live every Sunday at 10am on WDBO 96.5FM. This week’s topic: Sherri DeWitt takes time to talk about Collaborative Divorce and the Collaborative Divorce Process Act that was passed during this recent Legislative Sessions. Sherri also reviews the PEACE acronym of the divorce process. P – Parenting Issues E – Equitable […]

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            Sherri DeWitt Reviews the Statute of Limitations on Foreclosure Actions


            This week’s topic: This week on DeWitt Law Review, Sherri DeWitt continues to dissect two cases that are making news regarding the statute of limitations on foreclosure actions.

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              A Review of Florida Legislation that was Proposed and Failed


              This week’s topic: Sherri Dewitt reviews the Florida Legislation that was proposed during this year’s legislative session but that failed to make it any further than that.

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                A Review of New Laws Signed In by Gov. Scott


                This show will give you an idea of what our Fl State Legislature has been up to during its most recent session and what our Governor has passed into law.

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                  Case Study: Statute of Limitations as Applied to Foreclosure Actions


                  This week’s topic: A look into two cases dealing with the statute of limitations as applied to foreclosure actions.

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                    Gov. Scott Vetoes Proposed Alimony Legislature


                    This week’s topic: Sherri discusses the reasons why Gov. Scott vetoed the alimony and child support legislature that was approved by the house and state senate.

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                      Proposed Alimony Bill on the Desk of Gov. Scott


                      This week’s topic: A review of the proposed alimony bill, legislature that both the house and senate have passed now sits on the desk of Gov. Scott.

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                        Florida Legislature Update: Medical Marijuana Approved; New Restrictions on Abortion Clinics


                        Sherri DeWitt takes time to break down the recent happenings with the Florida State Legislative sessions. With sixty eight new bills signed into Florida law, there is a lot to discuss. Sherri takes time to break down two controversial bills signed in by Govenor Rick Scott: 1) medical marijuana is now legal in the state of Florida and 2) House Bill 1411 which puts new restrictions and regulations on abortion clinics.

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                          DeWitt Law Firm Legal Resources

                          contested divorce family law lawyer orlando florida Top 10 Common Divorce Related Questions

                          1. How is a divorce case started? One party must file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage to start the divorce proceedings. Once the Petition is filed, the other spouse is served with a copy of the divorce petition by a process server. The spouse that was served then has 20 days to file an […]

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                            untitled-3 Top 5 Common Mistakes Doctors Make During a Divorce

                            At the DeWitt Law Firm, we understand that starting over is expensive. Not many life events impact your finances and family like a divorce. However, having an experienced divorce attorney can help to protect your interests and your assets. When representing doctors, physicians, and medical professionals, there are certain considerations to evaluate. Below is a […]

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                              orlando florida alimony lawyers Alimony Update: Can a court impute a reasonable rate of return on non-liquid assets for the purpose of determining alimony?

                              Typically, a court may look at all sources of income when determining whether a party has the ability to pay alimony or the need for alimony. This includes wages and income from investments.

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