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DeWitt Law Radio ShowTune into the DeWitt Law Review every Sunday at 10am on Central Florida’s FM 96.5 WDBO to learn how Florida’s legal issues affect you. Sherri DeWitt reviews the latest legal topics affecting the citizens of Central Florida and takes your calls. To ask Sherri a question, send her an email.

Recent discussions on the radio show include condominium law, contractual rights and child support cases. You can visit the DeWitt Law Facebook page for live show notifications and to interact with the radio show. Archived audio of these shows can be found below. Simply click the play button and the program will start immediately. If you’d like to suggest a topic for a future show or ask Sherri DeWitt a legal question, follow the email link above. Thanks for listening to DeWitt Law Review on FM 96.5 WDBO!

Archived Show Audio:
3/23/2014 – Details on the 2014 Legislative Session and Alimony Reform Bill Updates

3/16/2014 – Wrongful Death and Medical Malpractice with Special Guest David Malatesta

3/9/2014 – Loan Modifications, Mortgages and Consumer Credit Protection

3/2/14 – Changes to Alimony and Divorce in Florida

2/16/2014 – Details On The Kevin Dunn Trial

2/9/2014 – 2014 Legislative Session – Changes To Stand Your Ground?

1/26/2014 – Get Informed: Foreclosures & Loan Modifications – What’s New?

1/19/2014 – How Can You Impact The Florida Legislature

1/5/2014 – Your 2014 Legal Checklist

12/29/2013 - The Foreclosure Fallout

12/22/2013 – Service of Process & Due Process In Florida Courts

12/15/2013 – Changing Internet Gambling Laws in Florida

12/1/2013 – Changes To Florida’s Unemployment Tax Rates & Minimum Wages

11/17/2013 – Focht VS Wells Fargo Brings Foreclosure Issues To Florida Supreme Court

11/11/2013 – Recent Developments in the Florida Foreclosure Process

11/3/2013 – A Review of Laws That Went Into Effect October 1, 2013 (Live From Lake Eola)

10/7/2013 – Florida State Bills & Laws: How Do They Affect You?

9/22/2013 – Relief To Underwater Florida Homeowners

9/15/2013 – Details On The Accelerated Foreclosure Act 702.10

9/8/2013 – Drivers License Privacy Protection Act

9/1/2013 – Know Your Rights: Red Light Camera Laws In Florida

8/25/2013 – Know Your Rights: Changes In Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act

8/18/2013 – Know Your Rights: Crowd Funding And What It Means For You

8/11/2013 – Know Your Rights: Tax Deeds & Tax Deed Sales

7/28/2013 – Sherri Takes Your Calls & Discusses Changes To Acquiring Business Loans

7/7/2013 – George Zimmerman on Trial: Case Analysis

6/30/2013 – Know Your Rights: Details On The New FL Foreclosure Laws

6/2/2013 – Know Your Rights: What Are The Details of House Bill 87?

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