Florida Senate Bill 462: Collaborative Law Process Act

Florida Senate Bill 462 introduces the collaborative law process act and pertains to collaborative divorces in the state of Florida

Reviewing the Details of the Statute of Frauds in Florida

Sherri DeWitt reviews the statute of frauds in the state of Florida and what kinds of contracts are enforceable?

Relocation After Divorce in the State of Florida

If you’re married, with children, and are going through a divorce, you many not move the children from more than a 50 mile radius without your spouses written approval or a court order.

Family Law: Modifications to Final Judgements in Divorce

What qualifies as a ‘substantial change’?

Homebuyer claims diet pills caused auction mistake

Florida Attorney Moses DeWitt

South Orange County resident Mary McKaig said she had been confused after taking “judgment-altering” weight-loss medication for the first time and mistakenly bid more than $100,000 at a Feb. 19 public auction for a house that — unbeknownst to her — was saddled with more than $400,000 of debt, according to court documents filed by […]

The DAVID System and The Drivers Privacy Protection Act

The DAVID system is an invaluable tool for law enforcement when it is used properly. However, with little oversight or protection systems, personal private information can be easily accessed for improper purposes.